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Implement a system to:
  • Keep customers coming back with fast, accurate and efficient fulfillment
  • Give your business a competitive edge by controlling inventory accurately
  • Increase Sales by online management of sales process with management reports

  • Make informed decisions:
    Give your business a superior competitive advantage with an easy-to-use system complete with timely and accurate information at your fingertips.

    Maximize operational efficiency:
    Empower employees with easy access to the inventory information they need and enable them to enter stock information just once, providing accurate and timely information throughout the system.

    Keep customers coming back:
    Offer better service and improve customer satisfaction with accurate inventory control, accurate stock status and efficient delivery and invoicing information.

    Maintain Stock Levels effectively:
    Control your stock levels with preset reorder levels giving you the flexibility you need at minimal cost.

    Negotiate with strength:
    Secure customer contracts with accurate stock level information to meet customer demand and beat the competition while maintaining the ability to order as when needed.

    Integrate seamlessly:
    Connect Inventory Control with other Alpine Business Solutions modules including Sales Order, Purchase Order, AR, AP, General Ledger, etc to streamline mission-critical inventory and sales processes.

    Alpine eDistribution efficiently manages the whole spectrum of the business from the Sales Process to Purchasing while encompassing the inventory management of unlimited number of warehouse and different modes of direct sales, distribution, consignment or even via POS.
  • Forecast Module manages the forecast and all sales tasks of each salesman to track the sales process
  • Quotation Module manages all the quotations issued until the order is closed.
  • Sales Module manages the approval of sales order, delivery, invoicing and sales analysis
  • Purchase Module manages the Purchase Requisition, approval of Purchase Order & Purchase Analysis
  • Inventory Control manages all the issue, transfer & issue of goods, conversion of Unit of Measure and provides management control via the total integration with the various modules in the ERP
  • Unlimited Warehouses & unlimited location provides accurate stock status and Inventory Analysis
  • Process Module takes care of the simple production or workshop requirements

  • Minimum System Requirement:
    • Pentium4 Server with 512MB RAM and 80GB hard disk
    • Workstation PC with 128MB RAM & 20GB hard disk
    • Microsoft Win2003 Server & Microsoft SQL 2005 server
    • Workstation with Microsoft windows/XP/7 and IE 6.0

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