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Implement a system to:
  • Track Real Time Profit, Sales, Cash and Inventory positions and make smart decisions
  • Have a future view of business, forecast pipeline and all activities of your entire sales force.
  • Track Sales Activities, Forecast, Quotations and manage the entire sales force activities
  • Increase Sales by online management of sales process & approval with real time reports
  • Reduce purchase COST with online RFQ tracking and vendor comparison tools

  • Make informed decisions
    Give your business a superior competitive advantage,with an easy-to-use system complete with timely and accurate sales and marketing information at your fingertips.

    Maximize sales operational efficiency
    Empower employees in the marketing tasks, enter quotation and forecast. Look up individual salesmanís calendar, sales task and activate. Auto alert features ensure your sales force do not miss another appointment or call.

    Keep customers coming back
    Offer better service and improve customer satisfaction with accurate inventory control, accurate stock status and efficient delivery and invoicing information.

    Alerts, Sales Pipeline and Depth of View
    System automatically alerts salesman to issue quotation, follow up on delivery and collect payments. Management depth of view on forecast pipeline & most efficient salesman.

    Reduce Cost by Vendor Management
    Automatically email request for quotations to selected vendors and receive online the quotations. Reduce cost via quotation comparison and tracking.

    Integrate seamlessly
    Connect marketing, Quotation and Procurement Modules to the Inventory Control with other Alpine Business Solutions modules including AR, AP, General Ledger, Production etc to streamline mission-critical inventory and sales processes


    Alpine eCRM efficiently manages the whole spectrum of the Sales Process from Marketing and Forecasting to Quotation and Sales Orders while encompassing the sale pipeline management of unlimited number of sale outlets and different modes of direct sales, distribution, consignment or even via POS.
  • Business Depth of view with Sales Forecast Pipeline and marketing activities with auto alert
  • Auto alerts and reminders of sales activities for each salesman in the entire sales force
  • Real Time Management macro view of entire Sales process with drill down and alert functions
  • Real Time micro view right to the drill down to individual salesman calendar & particular activity
  • Forecast Module manages the forecast and all sales tasks of each salesman to track the sales process
  • Quotation Module manages all the quotations issued until the order is closed
  • Sales Module manages the approval of sales order, delivery, invoicing and sales analysis
  • Sales Commission System based on revenue or gross profit by product category
  • Branch or Outlet management of fast/slow moving and profitable items to enhance profitability
  • Inventory Control manages all the issue, transfer & issue of goods, conversion of Unit of Measure and provides management control via the total integration with the various modules in the ERP
  • ePOS allows for every outlet sales, cash collection and inventory status to be uploaded seamlessly
  • ePOS allows HQ to update the new items, price and promotions seamlessly upon connection by outlet

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