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Implement a web based eProduction system to:
  • Keep customers happy with timely delivery and latest accurate updates on the production
  • Give your business a competitive edge by planning effective production scheduling
  • Have raw materials whenever you need them and yet maintain low inventory levels
  • Plan your production schedule in a calendar form and drill down for production details

  • Make Informed Decisions
    Give your business a superior competitive advantage, with an easy-to-use system complete with timely and accurate information at your fingertips. Have the total information of your resources including machines and HR for total control.

    Negotiate with strength
    Secure Orders with accurate production capacity information to meet customer demand & beat the competition, while maintaining the ability to produce when needed.

    Manage Vendors with Ease
    Top vendor and vendor performance reports give you the edge in managing vendors with ease, especially when you know the exact time and quantity required.

    Maximize Production Efficiency
    Just issue a Manufacturing Order, and the schedule and raw material requirements are planned. With all the available status of production, WIP and raw material, make informed decisions to maximize profit and returns of investment.

    Keep customers coming back
    Offer better service and improve customer satisfaction with accurate production status, scheduling and raw material status coupled with efficient delivery and invoicing.

    Maintain Stock Levels effectively
    The MRP calculation of accurate raw materials requirement working with the scheduling system provides efficient stock levels giving you the flexibility you need at minimal cost.

    The Alpine eProduction consists of the modules for BOM, Manufacturing Order, Sub-Contractor, Quality Assurance, MRP, CRP and Shop Floor Data Collection that forms the backbone for your production-critical systems. The modules include BOM (Bill Of Materials), Manufacturing Order, Routing, Sub-contractor Management, Work Centers, Incoming QA, In-process QA, Outgoing QA, Materials Requirement Planning, Capacity Requirement Planning, Production Scheduling, Manpower Management, Pick List, Raw materials Usage, WIP, Finished Goods Management, Production Costing and a host of other productivity tools.


    Alpine eProduction efficiently manages the production resources and scheduling including:
  • Make to Order or Make to Stock and release of Manufacturing Orders via Sales Orders
  • Unlimited levels of BOM and ECN versions revision with flexible BOM setup.
  • Management of all manufacturing resources including work centers, machines & MANPOWER
  • Control of WIP and activities for powerful production status and costing management.
  • Powerful yet flexible QA for incoming, out going and in-process.
  • Material requirement planning with forward and backward planning.
  • Capacity planning to plan schedules with capability reschedule for maximum utilization
  • Flexible routing setup with sequencing for each process of the production.
  • Powerful Calendaring with drill down details for each work center or production line.
  • Work In Process data collection and activity data collection for accurate tracking and costing

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